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About Us

Where it all began

Arthur Jean Butler

Ms. Arthur Jean Butler (1946-1992) MS. Butler was born to Arthur James Butler, and Izella Butler. She was the eldest of 12 children. Arthur Jean and her family were natives of Tulsa Oklahoma. Arthur Jean father was in the military, so the family traveled quite a bit until finally settling in Tulsa Oklahoma. Arthur Jean and her younger brother attended Booker T. Washington during a time when there were very few African American children allowed to attend. Early in Arthur Jean life she had taken an interest in helping other people. Arthur Jean had great responsibilities at an early age. Her mother tragically died at the age 47 and her father died six months later. By this time Ms. Butler had her own 7 children and were now responsible for her 10 sisters and brothers. Arthur Jean was only 22 years old. She did the best she could with what she had. Arthur Jean who had married at an early age was now divorced and taking care of her brothers and sisters along with her own. Through trial-and-error Arthur Jean fought through many obstacles in order to take care of her family. During this time Ms. Butler realized that she loved taking care of people who were in need. After most of the children were grown Arthur Jean enrolled in Nursing School in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. She and the family had moved there after the passing of her parents and one sister. Ms. Butler made ends meet by working several jobs at one time.
After all the children were grown Arthur Jean enrolled in Nursing School in Oklahoma City. She always enjoyed helping to take care of others. Her dream of becoming a nurse was something she had always wanted. During her first-time attending nursing school, she had to drop out because she was still working quite a lot. She realized that she had to find a way to give all her attention to school. Finally, a friend of Arthur Jean saw her struggle and volunteered to sponsor her through her nursing program. The program was very intense for 24 months. This time Arthur Jean persevered and graduated from nursing school in 1986. Arthur Jean was finally where she felt she belonged. She could finally help many with her nursing skills.
During the late 1980’s the AIDS epidemic was tragically taking people’s lives. There were very few nurses or doctors willing to work with AIDS patients since they knew truly little about the disease. Ms. Butler at this time had relocated to Dallas Texas to start her nursing career. Arthur Jean decided that this was her calling. She wanted to help where the need was the greatest. She started working with AIDS patients in 1990. She really loved her work.
Tragically Arthur Jean was working with an AIDS patient and was stuck with a contaminated needle. Three months later Ms. Butler was diagnosed with HIV. This was practically a death sentence at the time. Healthcare organizations knew extraordinarily little about the disease and how to treat it. Arthur Jean never had any regret about the decision she had made to work with AIDS patients.
On May 27, 1992, Ms. Butler succumbed to the HIV virus. She was 47 years old. Arthur Jean died doing what she loved most and that was helping others.
Arthur Jean showed courage and compassion at a time when it was desperately needed. We are honored to carry on that compassion and love through Arthur Jean Safe Place.

Where it all began

Sharon Alexander

You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about successful people under the age of 40, but have you ever heard about people under the age of 60 willing to make a better chance in this world? Allow me to share one with you. Hello, my name is Sharon Alexander, and I am a 53-year-old African-American woman who remembers being homeless for the first time and losing her children, wondering what the point of my existence is or how I would ever get all I deserve back. I went through hurricanes and tornadoes, sleeping on the streets with filthy blankets, getting pneumonia from harsh weather, and then having to sell my body. I eventually went into drugs also and was sent to jail, but that saved my life for good. The second time I was caught for possession, they told me that if I didn’t enter into a drug program, they wouldn’t let me out of jail, so I grabbed that finger and changed my life in a single second.

I enrolled in college and worked as hard as I could. I used to handwrite my papers since I didn’t have a laptop at that time, but now I have four associate degrees and two certifications from Merritt College. I couldn’t see it then but this was the opportunity I have always been looking for. Even while it may seem upsetting to some, God has a purpose for everyone, and all it takes is a little bravery to show the world who you are. So when the sun suddenly shone through the scars in my body, I finally saw the light to start fresh and become a better human this time. I decided that I would never want anyone to go through the pain that I did, so we founded this charitable organization to assist homeless people in obtaining an education, finding a safe place to sleep, and seizing the moment from their hard work and well-earned education.


I now have a Double Bachelor’s Degree and a Master Degree in Criminal Justice. I am also a Laureate Scholar and a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

Tackling Homelessness

Homelessness is currently one of the world’s most critical challenges. Your aid can assist many individuals in denial and gaining access to necessities.

Make Big Impact

In today’s crisis, it is often the small steps you take toward a larger cause and helping people that work best and have the greatest impact on our life.

Unite The Society

Empathy, interaction, and reflection may all bring us together to fight for the need for a resourceful basis to save the homeless population from poverty and humanity.

Our Value

Community centers

Our Goal is to have community centers everywhere to accommodate homeless people for a peaceful sleep and other resources.

Data-driven approach

Our data-driven approach makes it easy for all donors to keep track of the donations and needed finances through online access.

Focused support

Because of our fast-paced, often distracted society, we have developed the ability to thoroughly focus on things that are needed around us.


Where the money goes

Our donors have been entrusted with keeping our organization and you in the loop. Through our simple tracking methods, you can simply determine where your money is most needed and ensure that they reach the people who deserve them.

Learn more about how Charity works guarantee that your donations reach the people who need them the most.

History About Us

As a homeless person living in the streets of Oakland CA. When I’ve figured out how to view the beauty around me through the stained glass of my specs, that’s precisely what I want to show people. Even though you are having difficulties in your life right now, you should not lose hope in your future and should seek assistance from us. Alternatively, if you have already battled in your life, this is an opportunity to propagate the appeal for peace and empathy in our society to reach out and assist more and more people.

Want to get involved?

Do you want to help others while also helping yourself? Get your name on our list of volunteers and help others out of love and generosity.


Establishing the habit of giving from a young age can particularly help you to gain empathy and love towards others.


Great way to give someone access to all the essentials that they might need, and We Support homeless people and give them access to their needs.


You may trust on us because We declares that its exclusive purpose or mission is to serve a need the public wishes served.